BAM! Three Interviews in 2 Weeks

Have you been looking for work and not getting any calls? Is your current resume working for you?

I had a client contact me this week to do a quick resume refresh, and he updated me on his results.

Brian initially contacted me in October 2019 as he was struggling to find work… sending out his resume for over a year and not landing any job interviews.

He is an extremely talented Senior IT Service Desk Analyst/POS Field Service Technician with 10+ years’ experience. He had been looking for a job for over a year with zero callbacks or offers. I reviewed his resume, and it was not an accurate representation of his skills, talents, and abilities. Wrong layout… poor writing, zero impressiveness, and zero quantification on a resume mean zero results.

I interviewed Brian to pull out his skills and achievements.

I redesigned the layout, added in the relevant keywords, and PROVED his skill set using results based language. I completely rewrote the resume and created an executive summary. In the IT industry, it is necessary to include technical competencies with the level of expertise in each category.

I finished the draft, which we reviewed together, and then I finalized the resume. I created a persuasive cover letter to provide an overview of his awesomeness. I sent Brian the final copies and did not hear how things went.

Fast forward to last week… Brian called me to do a resume refresh as he had to apply for a job that he already had. He needed to include current projects because his company won a bid for a massive project, and the contract required updated resumes with detailed current project information.

Brian shared his story… at the end of October, he sent out several resumes. He received callbacks and was invited for three interviews. He won three offers and started his new job in December 2019. After one year with no results with his old resume… he sent out mine and received three offers in a matter of a couple of weeks!

My heart sings! I am so happy that I was able to help him land his dream job! The position is 10 minutes from his home, great money, AND he has the opportunity to move anywhere in the province. Brian is looking ahead to retirement and making plans to move to the Island when the opportunity presents itself. He wants to enjoy a quieter pace and buy a beautiful place for his retirement.

Are you struggling to find work? Sending out your resume and not getting calls? I offer professional resume writing services and would love to help you land your dream job!

Call Cathy at 778 878 6210 to set up a resume review!

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