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  1. Fill out the contact form below to send a message. Cathy will email you back as soon as possible with instructions on how to send your resume in. You can also email Cathy directly.
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  3. Review Your Results:  Together, you’ll go over the recommendations and tailored suggestions.She’ll share how you can maximize the impact your resume has and how to suit the job and career level you’re looking for to impress even the most seasoned recruiter or hiring manager.

Did you know employers only spend 30 seconds reading a resume before tossing it in the trash or hitting delete?

Did you know that the decision-maker does not even see many resumes due to formatting and other issues?

Do you need to update your resume to make it through Resume Tracking Software and into the hands of the Hiring Manager?

Recruiters and Hiring Managers receive many resumes a day and need to decide very quickly whether an applicant meets their needs. Your resume needs to concise and scannable to grab their attention, highlighting your key skills and achievements in a way that stands out from the rest.

No obligation free resume reviews.

If you’ve applied for a job online or to a large company, chances are that your resume has gone through an applicant tracking system (ATS), never to be seen again. Unless your resume is optimized with relevant keywords, tailored to the job description or position you’re applying to it won’t make it into the right hands. Your chances at getting an interview for the job are then slim to none.


You can also upload your resume in a word or .pdf format by emailing Cathy directly.