Clients are Landing Interviews with my Resume & Cover Letter Service


I don’t know about you, but my email inbox seems to get clogged up quickly. As a business owner, I take care of the most important emails right away… the emails that contain client information to complete resume writing get read. Last night, I decided to take some admin time and sort the 500+ emails sitting in my inbox… staring at me accusingly…

As I sat, gritted my teeth, and trudged through emails, I came across something surprising. My inbox was overflowing with testimonials for the resume writing service and cover letter service I provide. WOW!

Clients are landing interviews and getting jobs!

Over the last few months, I have received many emails from happy and excited clients who loved my work and landed interviews and new jobs. It was a great reminder to me of why I do what I do. I love to support my clients to make a change… leave a bad job… land a promotion… get the interview… get back to work.

Each client review fills me with joy at their success! The reviews build up my confidence and cement the fact that my techniques work. I write an individual resume and cover letter for each client… unique to their skill set, passion, goal, and circumstance.

Here is a sampling of recent testimonials:

Hi Cathy,

My comments about the first workshop are that you are extremely knowledgeable in current needs when it comes to resumes and cover letters and were able to tailor your approach toward what our group needed and I also appreciated how you kept the youth engaged and interested in the workshop with your vibrant nature, which can sometimes be hard to do with such a topic!


 Hope Iglic, Big Brothers Big Sisters


Hi Cathy,

I just figured I would let you know that you can put myself down as another success story

I am starting my new job with Subaru Canada on Tuesday.

Thanks again for your help with my cover letter and resume. I will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future and if I ever do need a tune up, you will be sure to hear from me.

All the best,

Steve M.


Thanks to your awesome work I have an interview!



Wow are you sure that is me lol

Looks great to me!!!



Wow, Cathy!!  Amazing work. I would hire me.

At first glance both the cover letter and the resume look fantastic.

Thanks again for all of your great work!



GIS/Mapping Technician

Hi Cathy,

Thanks to your awesome work I have an interview!


I really appreciate the positive feedback for my work. It is great to hear from my clients that their resume and cover letters worked for them. The reviews are important to prove that my techniques work!

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