It’s Time to Refresh Your Resume

As we enter into the 3rd phase of the provincial restart plan, companies are starting to hire again.

Due to massive layoffs and corporate structuring in response to Covid-19, the competition is fierce. Your resume and cover letter need to stand out. Here are several strategies to refresh your resume and help set you apart from the competition.

1. Testimonial/Quotes/Letters of Reference

Let others speak for you to prove your abilities and interpersonal skills.

2. Samples of your Work

Add a project page (where possible) to your resume to prove your skills.

3. Provide an Excellent Resume and Targeted Cover Letter.

Make sure that your resume is well written, achievement-focused, and the correct layout/format to make sure it gets read.

My clients get results! See a few of the latest quotes from happy clients.

I’m so glad I went to Cathy to do my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile! She did an amazing job and it was worth every penny! I highly recommend Langley Writing Services!

Emilee Chamberland, Marine Biologist

I completed a resume and cover letter for a banking management client. It feels good to help my clients move from unsure to confident in their strengths and accomplishments.
“That looks and sounds incredible. You encapsulated everything we chatted about. You make me sound so good. It’s kind of a confidence builder which I feel I truly needed.” BA

I heard that she sent in her resume and got a call back for an interview the next day.

Great job, very professional and personable. Cathy’s skills and experience shine through in her top quality work and I highly recommend her services!

Hi Cathy
Just read through both the cover letter and resume. I’m blown away on both. I feel you captured a lot of my personality, skills and knowledge in them. I’m going to send it to the “company name” and “company name” tonight and see what happens. Thank you for the interview sheet, I’m going to review that later tonight. Where would you like me to leave a recommendation for your company?
I’m excited. Reading through both of these really boosted my confidence, so thank you for that too!
Cheers MP

If you recently lost your job due to the pandemic, send me a message and I will help you develop a resume and cover letter that will work.

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