My passion is to help my clients change their lives and achieve their goals. It is an honour and privilege to be invited to provide personal and business writing services.

I love hearing from my clients as they share their successes and feedback.

Below are a few testimonials from happy clients

“I wanted to let you know how much having you as a teacher/Guider has meant to me this week my time and your time here.Your guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals, skills, resume preparations etc…I am forever grateful.


“Just wanted to express gratitude for your teachings last week. You’ve inspired me because you’re the first real person I know in my life who has accomplished freelance success ( except people online and stuff ).” Thank you so much.  GK

“Cathy is a star! If you’re looking to create or upgrade your resume look no further, you’ve found the right person. I was lost on how to make a resume, I tried online free templates, and then bought online templates, I just couldn’t get it right. Desperate I looked online and found Langley Writing Services. All I can say after working with Cathy and now seeing my resume I have a sense of relief, and have the confidence to send my resume to companies I would like to work for knowing I have an advantage over other job applicants. Thank you Cathy.”

Robb McAmmond

“Cathy’s services are exceptional. She took great time and care to make sure that she understood my needs and ensured that my final resume and cover letter were exactly what I needed.”

Eric, BA, English Teacher

“Wow, I am impressed! This is exactly what I was hoping for! This was a great first step towards a new career, and has boosted my confidence going forward. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Greg Miller, Molder/Lead Hand

“Cathy helped me recognize my strengths and accomplishments to build an amazing resume for me. She has a very friendly, selfless personality and very thorough in researching what she is writing to give you the best quality product. I am very grateful for having met Cathy and deciding to have her write my resume and cover letter was the best career decision and investment I have made.”

Jeremy Bolduc, Journeyman Carpenter/Lead Hand

“When faced with a downsizing, we aimed to provide affected employees with resumes to assist them in finding new
employment. In six weeks, Cathy Moleschi of Langley Writing Services prepared over 60 professional, individualized resumes. Through the process, Cathy helped employees identify and promote their strengths, exceeding many employees’ expectations. Through Langley Writing Services, we met our goal; Cathy delivered the necessary results and then some.”

Leslie Moore, FSLmidth Ltd., Manager HR Canada

“The resume is fantastic! Really well done. I see why your clients get the results they are looking for.”

RA, Education Assistant/Residential Counsellor

“Thank you so much Cathy!!!! I feel like that resume and cover letter will score me lots of interviews and also makes me feel much more confident about the skills and experience I have so far.”
Thank you,
Nadine, Accounting Professional

“Given what I was up against I knew I had to pull out all the stops and do everything in my power to answer the concerns raised. I knew I needed a person with your skill and expertise and I acknowledge that your efforts played a big part in my success. The resume, cover letter, and guidance you provided made a difference and was well received.
And as of yesterday afternoon I was told I was successful in the interview and offered the position, which I accepted. Thank you for everything!”

Mark, Building Technologist

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“I’ve been meaning to send you an e-mail for awhile but I have been so busy I keep forgetting all the things I need to do! I wanted to let you know that I got hired with a School District in December and have been busy working as a Teacher On Call ever since. I got a call right away from them and was hired within two weeks of dropping off my application package.

I have also been contacted by another School District so I am hoping that perhaps I can get hired by them as well but I will have to wait to see what happens with that.

Thank you again for all of your help with my resume and cover letters. It really gave my job search a “jump start” and helped me to feel more confident about finding a job.”
Wendy M, Teacher

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cathy on a committee for the last year (approximately). Throughout this time I have viewed many of her writing projects. These have consistently shown her talent as a writer through her creativity, her understanding of concepts, and the infusion of energy into her work. I have been so impressed that I recently have asked her to join my team as a sub-contractor for possible future projects. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who is looking for a writer that can get the message out clearly, effectively and with some pizzazz!”
Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations

“I had the enjoyable opportunity to brainstorm with Cathy to create some clever, manageable solutions for me to implement LinkedIn and social media to reach my target audience and help me build my business.

Not only did she take the time and effort to get to know me and my business to accurately reflect that in the LinkedIn profile she created, she had great feedback and insight with helping come up with ideas to continue the process of being more social media savvy and using it as an effective tool to build my business. All that and not even to mention how much fun we had in the process.”
Melody Froc, Allard Studio

“Sending out a BIG thank you to Cathy Tyers- Moleschi at Langley Writing Services. She redid my resume so that I can be approachable to potential businesses that are hiring. Wonderful job Cathy!
Les Muir, Soon to be employed

“I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the awesome resume and cover letter you recently did for me! I sent out ten resumes and got 6 call backs in the first week. I did several telephone interviews and agreed to one in person interview in which I got the job!! Thanks so much for your help in finding a new job.
Crystal M., Certified Dental Assistant

“Cathy Tyers Moleschi is a gifted writer and I am so pleased with the bio she did for me – Give Cathy a call 778-878-6210
Julia Greene, Realtor

“Cathy, you are a very outgoing, personable, and yes, bubbly personality most definitely!  It was great picking your brain, the ideas and concepts you have are above what I would have thought of, I appreciate your support, you really are terrific in writing, creativity, thinking outside the box, supporting others, and most of all your upbeat demeanor will encourage and excite anyone that you come along side with.  Thank you!”
Sheri-Lynn Siciliano, Executive Assistant

“I hired Cathy to do some copy writing for a special project. After answering some great questions to help her discover what I wanted, she delivered exactly what I had wanted. Thank you Cathy, we will be working on more projects in the future.”
Gordon Skillen, iHonest

“Cathy has a keen eye for quality and helped improve my resume tremendously. She helped me define and uncover my marketable skills.  She is friendly, knowledgeable and above all, professional. Thanks again for all your expertise, Cathy.”
 Jonathan Turkstra, Electrician

“Cathy works with me often on writing and/or speaking projects and uses her unique abilities as an editor, writer, marketer, and coach to improve my final drafts.  Her distinctive style, marketing expertise, and gift of writing allow me to further hone and craft my writing.  I highly recommend Cathy for your organization!”
Todd Hauptman, Social Activist & Social Media Manager (Local MLA) 

“Cathy Moleschi is a living example of persistence in the face of challenges.  Her journey has led to her personal empowerment, an inspiration she shares with her audiences.”
Connie Friesen, President, Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of BC/Yukon

“I just got back from SSMS. Thank you all soooo much for all you did! I felt very blessed in a difficult situation! Clean car, new tires for my bike, nice nails, gorgeous photo, excellent meals, wonderful coffee, caring people to talk to – it was just a wonderful, encouraging day! A special thank you to Cathy Moleschi for her excellent workshop on how to build a resume and the additional time she spent going over some specifics with me!! It is greatly appreciated!
Nana Dumitra, Attendee, How To Create a Professional Resume

“Cathy was instrumental in  a large government quote we had been putting together.
Cathy is a pleasure to work with and our company has already decided to hire her for other projects as well.
John Cousineau, Owner, Kary Moving

“Cathy always had her work performed on time, she is very honest and you can depend on her to be “upfront” about any situation. I enjoyed having Cathy on my team and would not hesitate to use her again if work was available.
Louise Kaye, Business Owner

“When faced with a challenging situation that requires a written response, I call Cathy for help.  She provides the focus and critical thinking required to develop creative solutions to resolve the problem at hand.  Cathy is able to uncover my thoughts and/or feelings and concisely, clearly and persuasively articulate them in writing.”
Anita Devries, Langley

“Cathy is the type of person you would love to have represent your business as she is very personable and takes a real interest in your business needs. I first met Cathy when she was representing a previous business and she has continued to take an active interest in my business even though we have yet to purchase from her current company. I would not hesitate to work with Cathy in the future.
Scott Waddle, Owner, Precision Auto

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