Advocacy Services

Sometimes you need to advocate for yourself in life and not just accept a rejection.

We offer professional advocacy services.

The powers that be say no because they don’t fully understand your situation and the ramifications of their denial. Rather than accepting an answer that you truly believe should be reconsidered, get brave and go advocate why you deserve a chance. A rational, well thought out, and reasonable argument can change minds and help you get what you deserve!

Do you need a persuasive document that will assist you in achieving your goals? Are you confused by documentation you must provide to an agency? Do you need a winning proposal that will generate more business? Are you overwhelmed with confusing or complex papers and need to provide a formal written response?

We will help you advocate for yourself.


Call Cathy at 778.878.6210 or fill out the contact form for a free, confidential consultation. Direct email address is [email protected]

Amazing work. I would hire me. At first glance both the cover letter and the resume look fantastic.
Thanks again for all of your great work!