Your LinkedIn Profile Headline: Dazzle or Fizzle?

last updated Aug 3rd 2020

Does your LinkedIn Profile heading have pizzazz? Is your headline a true representation of who you are, what service you offer, and what you can do? Does it inspire the reader to continue reading?

Many professionals are stuck in a rut and only have their name and job title. Your headline is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and it is simple to jazz up!

Your Linkedin headline is the first opportunity to persuade possible clients and connections to read your entire profile. Most professionals, if they even have a headline, list their job title. Do NOT just describe your job! Include in your headline words that describe the benefit of your skill set and let your personality shine!

Not everyone will want to do business with you, so add in a snippet of your character to attract the clients and connections  you want. Remember to keep it professional and showcase your talents and skills within 120 characters!

To get you started thinking about how to increase the effectiveness of your headline…

Here’s a few before and after examples


Kevin Knebl – Speaker and Author


Kevin Knebl – Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Speaker/Author ★ The Most Positive & Encouraging Guy On Earth ★ 1450+ Recs ツ


Brian Tilbury – Millwright and Welder


Brian Tilbury – Experienced, Reliable Certified Millwright & ‘A’ Level Welder Serving with Integrity The Fraser Valley And Beyond.


Cathy Moleschi – Writer and Business Consultant


Cathy Moleschi – Creative, Resourceful, Honest, & Persuasive Business Writer: Resumes/Cover Letters/LinkedIn & Business Communications.

Distinguish yourself from your competition and invest a little time in developing a LinkedIn headline that will draw people in, create valuable connections, increase sales, and motivate a team of evangelists who will send you referrals!

First impressions are everything, in life… but especially in business. Does your current LinkedIn profile inspire and motivate people to contact you? An optimized profile could easily pay itself back in just ONE new project, client or job interview!

Call me at 778 878 6210 if you need some dazzle in your LinkedIn profile and let’s have coffee.

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