4 Tips to Rewrite your LinkedIn Profile

People are busy, and sometimes they are not as good with words as they are at their craft. This is especially true with folks who have specialized or more technical skills than creative ones. I have found that many of my clients use “tech talk” or “geek speak” that is not easily understood outside their industries. This is why it’s important to revisit and possible rewrite your LinkedIn profile.

It’s important that your LinkedIn profile includes easily understood and persuasive language so that the person reading it wants to contact you. In the business world, one of the first ways a person might find you is via LinkedIn.

That’s just one service we offer at Langley Writing Services. We’ll take the time to research, write and optimize your LinkedIn profile. You can look at mine here.

For most business people, it might be difficult to imagine why they should take the time to write a DETAILED LinkedIn profile description.

With that in mind, here are 4 reasons why you need to rewrite your LinkedIn profile to ensure it is an excellent, rich and fully optimized representation of you and your work.

4 Tips to Rewrite your LinkedIn Profile

1. LinkedIn has a search engine

This means if a company or individual is looking for someone with your exact skills using the search feature, and you haven’t taken the time to properly list your skills and services, it is possible that you miss out on opportunities and lose business income. Use LinkedIn and take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business and get new clients!

2. LinkedIn builds your credibility

LinkedIn is usually the first stop on potential customers or employers doing a background check on you. The more well written your profile is, the better the chances you have of getting that deal/sale/business. In addition, potential customers can check out what others say about you in the recommendation section and the new skill endorsement section. Let your happy customers speak for you!

3. LinkedIn shows up in Google

This means people looking for someone with your skill set and services OUTSIDE of LinkedIn, may also discover your unique talents and be able to reach out to you. Fully optimize your LinkedIn profile with your industry’s key words and get found!

4. LinkedIn can help you get employed

As part of dusting off your resume, it’s also a great idea to dust off your LinkedIn profile. It is often used by employers to find qualified people looking for work in your field or local area. A recent survey of HR Managers state that they feel like your LinkedIn profile is more honest that a resume, because LinkedIn is public. Be sure that your LinkedIn profile and electronic resume match so that you get the call for the job interview!

LinkedIn, used correctly, is an awesome social media platform that can help you achieve your business goals of increasing customer counts, sales, overall profitability or help you find the dream job that you will love!

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