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Langley Writing Services 9 Improv Interview Preparation Exercises
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9 Improv Interview Preparation Exercises

As I began to do more interview coaching for clients in various industries, I searched the internet to source ideas to help my clients relax and feel more confident. I came across some excellent ideas based on improv exercises[1] , which I modified for a workshop. Here are those exercises.

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college graduate resume

How to Help a New College Graduate Launch their Career

Last week while attending a business workshop, I was stunned… almost speechless. During the introductions, we were asked about our business. I shared that this week one of my resume service appointments is to help a college graduate prepare a resume as they prepared to enter the workforce with a

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How to Dress for an Interview - Men
Interview Tips

5 Tips for Men on How to Dress for an Interview

Do you know that it only takes 20 seconds to make a first impression when meeting someone? Do you want to ensure that your first impression makes a positive impact and HELPS you rock your interview? Do you have an interview booked and want to dress for success? Here are 5

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