A Day in the Life of a Mompreneur

I don’t know about you, but a day in the life as a mompreneur, well life in general really, as a solopreneur can be challenging at times.

Although normally I don’t work Sundays, last week got away from me and I planned to get a little writing done on Sunday afternoon. Surprise! I got highjacked by a migraine and could not function.

I told myself not to fret, I had all day tomorrow.

So Monday morning, I’m jazzed and happy to optimistically begin a very productive day.

First, take my son to school and then all day in my office to myself. Before too long, I had finished off a keynote speech for the next day. Feeling good, I look at the clock and oh no ……is it 3 pm already? Darn! I have to pick Braedan up. First, I have to drop off my taxes at the accountant. Did I mention that my daughter showed up unexpectedly and wanted a visit?

I can practice my speech later……

I tell the kids I need to get the articles done, so I go and settle in my office to dash off a hopefully brilliant article. Lucky for me, I had completed the research and it didn’t take long. Hooray!! Only one more article to go.

Just as I began to think about what I should write, my son walks into my office and wants to know what’s for dinner.


Looking at the clock, I see to my shock that it is 5 pm already! I reassure myself that I had all night to get the last article done, no problem! Did I mention that my husband needed some cuddles and smooches before he left for his graveyard shift?

I can practice my speech later…….

After dinner, I send the kids to the kitchen to clean it up. I NEED to write one more article. I NEED to practice the speech and ensure that it is 30 minutes. I NEED to come up with hopefully hilarious anecdotes that will have the audience engaged and laughing. Then, I recalled that the venue invited me to hand out some marketing materials. Gee willikers!

Good thing for me, I had written an article on LinkedIn and was speaking on LinkedIn so I could use that. Did I mention the several vital phone calls that I had to take, throwing in a load of laundry and promising my bathroom that I would clean it asap?

I can practice my speech later………

Around 8 or 9 pm, I got an email, letting me know the article (that I hadn’t even started yet) could wait until tomorrowHallelujah, a reprieve! By this point, I was really tired and I spent the rest of the night in bed, watching a show, stapling business cards to my article. I also had time to review my speech notes and sprinkle in some humorous stories.  Phew………

Today, as I was searching for inspiration for the last article, I thought to myself, Hello! All the ladies probably have days like yesterday so I should write an article about managing stress and juggling all the balls professional women are required to juggle.  Praise the Lord, now I had an idea!

So next month, look for an article on stress management.

For now, it’s dinner time, the bathroom requires attention, my undies are not going to wash themselves, the kitchen needs to be cleaned, and lunches made.

Did I mention that the speech was very well received?

The ladies laughed at my stories and said they loved my presentation and learned a great deal.  Success!

I can help you write a speech too. Just give me a call at 778.878.6210 or fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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