5 Tips for Men on How to Dress for an Interview

Do you know that it only takes 20 seconds to make a first impression when meeting someone?

Do you want to ensure that your first impression makes a positive impact and HELPS you rock your interview? Do you have an interview booked and want to dress for success?

Here are 5 tips for men on how to dress for an interview.

1. Wear a suit.

Men can’t go wrong with a suit! Chose a dark suit and wear the jacket, pants, dress shirt, tie, matching socks and shoes. The interview is not the time to bring out your wild ties and flashy patterned socks. Stay conservative. Make sure the suit is timeless and fits you well. Take the time to shine your shoes so you look polished from head to toe.

2. Clothing must be clean and free of wrinkles.

Spend the time required to ensure that your suit is clean. Carefully check your suit for dust and dirt a few days before the interview. Iron your dress shirt, if you don’t have an iron and ironing board, get a set or bring your shirts to a dry cleaner.

3. Your hair should be clean, combed, and tidy…all your hair!

Once you have booked the interview, schedule a fresh haircut and trim any facial hair. If you are clean shaven, then shave in the morning. Beards are definitely in style right now…just make sure it is well trimmed and neat. Talking about hair…deal with nose and ear hair as well. A good barber can take care of everything!

4. Shower the morning of the interview.

Shower and wear a good deodorant! I suggest avoiding cologne or aftershave in case of allergies. Not everyone loves the scent of your favourite cologne. You should just smell fresh and clean.

5. Just before you walk out the door.

While we probably don’t need to tell you this, check yourself in a mirror and brush your teeth just before leaving the house. And don’t eat or drink anything. Fresh breath is a must!

Using the tips above when you dress for an interview will help you make an excellent first impression and you will be halfway to landing the job!

Do you need more help to prepare for your interview? Let us know! And for tips on how to prepare for an interview for women, you can pass this info on!


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