Keep Your Resume Up to Date


If you are like most of my clients, you find it difficult and overwhelming to stay on top of your resume.

What does it mean to keep your resume up to date? What do I track? If you want to remain open to future opportunities, land a promotion, and maximize your earning potential, check this out.

I work with many clients who call me in a panic and tell me that a posting just came out and the deadline is in a few days. When they dig out their last resume, they realize that it is 10+ years old and does not contain current skills, education, or achievements. Many clients try and pull everything together quickly resulting in a scattered resume that is not persuasive or professional.

To keep your resume up to date, try these tips.

Keep a document on your desktop and track your projects. Make notes of dates, scope, and results. While the project is fresh on your mind, note project duration, budgets, costs, your role on the project, how many collaborated with you, and quantifiable results. You can also send details to yourself via email using Resume in the subject line.

I recommend tracking anything that you do that is out of the ordinary such as stepping into a leadership role. When you are going after an internal promotion, include details of times when you may have served as “Acting Supervisor” when your supervisor is away. In addition, keep a list of ALL education. Note down lunch and learns, internal trainings, seminars, workshops, and formal coursework. Although we do not write “lifelong learner” on a resume, it is important to prove to the potential employer that you value professional development.

To PROVE your skill set, keep a file of your achievements. Did you win any awards or commendations? Receive an email from a happy customer? How about a card of thanks or letter of appreciation? Did you save your company or client money in some way? If you are in sales or leadership, track your numbers. Did you increase profits? Reduce labour hours? Increase customer satisfaction?

Key to keeping your resume fresh is to save a current job description. In fact… save a job description for each position you have held. A job description will help jog your memory and provide some foundational language for your resume update.

It is an overwhelming prospect to gather all the documents required to update your resume at the last moment and under pressure. Take the time to get prepared now so that you can concentrate on preparing for the interview you will land with a killer, up to date, and persuasive resume.

Did you read my last post that offered up 6 tips to consider if you’ve been promoted or downsized and need to rewrite your resume? Check that out and more posts as they are published!

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