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Your Personal Bio: Boring or Brilliant?

With the social media frenzy long upon us, it is crucial to develop powerful business relationships. A key component of constructing lasting, profitable connections is the ability to engage others with persuasive images and copy to create a network of people who know, like, and trust you. A personal bio

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Your LinkedIn Profile Headline: Dazzle or Fizzle?

last updated Aug 3rd 2020 Does your LinkedIn Profile heading have pizzazz? Is your headline a true representation of who you are, what service you offer, and what you can do? Does it inspire the reader to continue reading? Many professionals are stuck in a rut and only have their

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Writing Tips

4 Tips to Rewrite your LinkedIn Profile

People are busy, and sometimes they are not as good with words as they are at their craft. This is especially true with folks who have specialized or more technical skills than creative ones. I have found that many of my clients use “tech talk” or “geek speak” that is

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