Last Minute Inexpensive Awesome Gift Ideas


Does this ever happen to you? Has anyone brought you a little something and you felt bad because you didn’t reciprocate? Have you forgotten someone or have an unexpected guest show up last minute and need a small gift to give? Have you ever had a child tell you in the morning just before school that he/she needs something that day? Ever been invited out last minute and need a small hostess present?

These things happen to me too so I started to purchase things in early December “just in case”.

Here is a list of inexpensive awesome gift ideas to keep on hand.

Boxes of Chocolate

Pick up several small boxes of good chocolate early in December while they are on sale. Wrap them in pretty paper and bows and keep them hidden from the children! Most everyone likes chocolate and they just might share.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Purchase a few small Christmas tree decorations in neutral colours such as silver, red, or gold. What hostess does not love a special new decoration? When wrapping, take the time and effort to make them look lovely. A small beautifully wrapped gift makes the recipient feel special.


Most of us enjoy the occasional glass of wine! Visit the local liquor store and stock up on a few to bring to parties or dinners. Be sure and pick up the decorated wine bags at the dollar store as well. Wine is an easy and welcome gift. If you have any left, pop open a bottle for New Years Eve.

Specialty Beer

For the menfolk who might be entertaining, you can choose a large single bottle of specialty beer that is under $10. Perhaps you need a gift for an exchange at work? Most men enjoy a beer tasting!

Boxes of Cookies

The grocery store can be a wonderful source of much appreciated last minute gifts. I often buy small packages of decadent, delicious cookies such as shortbread or dark chocolate covered biscuits. Your child’s teacher, a school friend, or your mail carrier will enjoy a rich, tasty treat!

If you have nothing at home, there are many grocery store items to pick up on your way to an event such as small jams and jellies, gift cards, smoked salmon, cheese, specialty tea, or flowers. If you remember, bring along a gift bag and tissue to quickly wrap your gift in the car. If you don’t remember, the grocery store usually has a few gift bags. I hope my list of awesome ideas helps you be more prepared this Christmas so you can relax and enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

And just for fun, I wrote a poem about Christmas. I wish you and your family a merry and blessed Christmas!

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