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As the Deer – A Reminder of Hope

It is time for a holiday. Time to slow down, relax, and refresh in nature. My husband and I travel to Vancouver Island every summer for a 2-week vacation. Time to let go of the frantic pace… the ringing phones… the never-ending emails that bing in a clamour of attention…

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Empty Barn
Creative Writing

The Barn Is Empty – A Poem

As I head back to work next week and savour my last few days on holiday, I was profoundly struck by an empty barn on the side of the road. The barn bumped into my heart. As words flooded my mind, I grabbed my trusty notepad and quickly penned impressions.

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Creative Writing

As I Sit – A Poem

The last few days have been busy with packing, repacking, buying food, loading the truck, and heading out for a much anticipated holiday with my beloved husband. As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to get away and a holiday requires much preplanning and extra work. The last few days, I

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